Looking for a great baby gift??? Here's a few items that are some of my favorite!! All range between $15-$80. Stay tuned, there will be plenty more post of some great baby gifts to come!
1. Personalized M.A. Hadley Plate
I mentioned on my last blog how much I LOVE "fun mail", so I can't even explain my excitement when I came home one day from work to fine a package for Owen with his very own personalized M.A. Hadley plate!  Not only are these a great keepsake, they're also a proud Kentucky product out of Louisville, Kentucky. 
2. The Sweet Bow Swaddle from the Beaufort Bonnet Company
This is a must have for any and all newborn photo sessions.  Owen was lucky enough to have the opportunity to model this number when it first came out.  I'm certainly getting it for baby #2 so they can be wrapped in it when guest come to visit.  The company is also based in home sweet KY which makes me love it even more!
My little bug at 4 weeks...this baby loved being swaddled!
3.  Rock 'n Play Sleeper
Holy Moly, I don't know what we would have done without this thing!!  If you'd prefer to shop off the registry and you see that this hasn't been purchased yet, get it!!! Grab a few friends and pitch in together.  My good friends husband insisted that we borrow theirs before O's arrival and it was a good thing we did!! This was where O slept for the first 4 weeks, I'd place him in it while I showered and got dressed, we'd park it in front of the dining room table while we ate dinner, and during the sick months, he'd sleep in it to help his congestion.  Thanks Scott, I owe you one. 
4.  BlaBla Rattles 
These are the sweetest and softest little rattles a baby could ask for.  It was easy to grasp when O was able to start holding things, small and soft enough to keep in the crib with him.  Now when I hear the rattle in the morning, it means Mr. O is up and ready to play!
Photo Credit By Looking Glass Photography
5.  The Little G Plush Stuffed Animal
I haven't done enough research to make this statement a true fact yet, but the Little G really is the softest stuffed animal ever.  I kinda want one for myself. 
6. Pottery Barn Nursery Critter Wraps
These cute little critter towels make baby's first bath even more memorable and adorable.  I love bath time, and wrapping O up in one of these just makes it even more fun! This is a great gender neutral present for a mom-to-be who doesn't want to know what she's having. 
7.  Mud Pie Piggy Bank
Ok, so you don't obviously have to get a Mud Pie Piggy Bank (they do have some pretty darling ones though) but a piggy bank nonetheless is a great present and a must have in any child's room.  I've put all the money that O received when he was born, change I've found around the house, change stolen from Brian's wallet, etc....all in here and I'm gonna pick a special birthday for him to count it all and buy a *reasonable* present.  Here's to hoping he wants to put it towards a car for his 16th birthday :)
8.  Personalized Pacifiers
Last and certainly one of my favorite gifts is a set of personalized pacifiers.  Yes, I do love for everything to be personalized and monogrammed...but these are AMAZING for daycare, in the diaper bag, and not to mention they look adorable in your child's mouth.  There's never any mistaking that this is O's pacifier!! This a a great personalized gift for under $15!!!
Much much more great baby gifts to come, but in the meantime, leave me a comment and tell me what some of your favorite baby gifts were.

Love, Joy D.


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